About Us

On 14th November 1981, The Concept Of Shantiniketan Was Executed With A Vision Of Progressive Methodology Of Education.

The Shantiniketan Vision of education goes far beyond the achievement of academic excellence. It includes a radical change of heart in the person of the educated and the educator himself turning them from selfish concerns to unreserved generosity to their fellowmen. For the human beings, this would imply a personal commitment to mankind in whom he will find the source and inspiration of this generosity.

Our education is therefore aimed at this inner liberation of spirit which renders a person available for ever greater service that makes him truly free in nature and capable of assuming whichever responsibility he is called to. Only such an education can create fully committed people who can face the challenges of our time.

The perspective which is set before every student is the universal person, the young man who devotes his whole life to render a greater eminence to God through dedicated service to humanity. Towards this end, great care is taken to improve not merely their minds but also their hearts to cultivate in them gentlemanly manners, the holiness of life and habits of regularity and cleanliness. In short, the education imparted to them is intended to prepare them for the Duties of Life.


We aspire to create high level of learning and provide a holistic education to nurture the students working towards the betterment of society.


Our mission is to constantly work towards adopting techniques, methodology that can prepare the child for academic development along with holistic development.

Principal Message

Thought of Recapitulation
We are trying to make an environment-friendly atmosphere for the students to interact with nature and knowledge. The fine team of faculty members are doing their best to develop the students to the norms of common goodness and universal brotherhood to prepare the entire planet as a platform to grow the world citizens in progress, peace and harmony.


After the introduction of, C.B.S.E. in the year of 2001, the school tried to keep up the psycho physical vision even the infrastructure. Therefore, we went ahead with a separate Montessori section and administrative section. For future expansion we have decided to develop more playgrounds, Botanical gardens, Zoological gardens, swimming pools, etc. in a large area of land with all the needed amenities