Psychophysical Developments

Clear heart, thoughtful mind, a healthy body and a pure Soul.
Physical Exercises not only helps us maintain a healthy lifestyle, but it also increases the brain function and hence its productivity. The physical instruction and training section of our institute conveys physical training in the form of Aerobics, Mass P.T., Band group. We emphasise on sports also with proper training for Basketball, Volleyball, Kho-Kho, Table Tennis, etc. Our students participate regularly in the CBSE sports, Science exhibitions, quiz competitions, etc. Also, these co-curricular activities keep them active and motivated.

We have introduced yoga and meditation for the better mind set-up of the children. The introduction of martial art and the daily stage activities are also helping our students to pick up self-discipline, confidence and order in life.

Social Interactions

Our students are involved in different social activities which motivates them to work for the upliftment of the nation and the people from the platforms of Scout & Guides, Red Cross, Health Club, N.C.C., Lions Club, Swachh- Bharat Abhiyan, Medical Camps, etc. Our students and teachers had contributed more than Rs. 50,000, clothes, food grains and domestic materials for the Tsunami victims. The students and the teachers are always willing to share the feelings of society. We also conduct school seminars, inter-school competitions and feedback meetings for the up-gradation of the curriculum. Along with the importance of books, we also focus on the interests of the students; more than 200 students are appearing for the instrumental and vocal musical programs under the 'Prayag University' as a vibration of the music section. Under the educational psychoanalysis trend of the CBSE, the students are improving and reaching up to the milestone of success.

According to the CBSE curriculum up to class II, homework or exam of a pass-fail system will not be executed and the children can keep their books and bags in the class itself.